Let's really get to know each other with my social services; whether it be a date, dinner and dessert or an event.
Desire a worldly, articulate women as a date for a night on the town or just want some company? I can be your warm companion, whatever the occasion may be.
  • Strictly Social $100 Per Hour
  • Intimate Social $200 Per Hour
  • Dinner + Dessert Enjoy an affectionate and intimate dinner together before heading back to
  • 2 Hour dinner + 2 Hour GFE Dessert: $1100
  • 2 Hour dinner + 2 Hour PSE Dessert: $1500
  • 2 Hour Dinner + 2 Hour Kink PSE Dessert: $1700
    Have an event coming up and don't want to go empty armed? I can be your graceful, discrete and charismatic date, hell I we can even make a back story if need be!
  • Strictly Social $150Per Hour
  • Intimate Social $250 Per Hour
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