Identification: Upon making a booking I do require a copy of your ID- This stays between us and is only used for security purposes by running your name and number through sex worker data bases. Your ID is deleted at the end of our initial booking- then I never have to see it again. This step is taken to ensure my safety and comfort throughout the booking.

Hygiene: ALL clients must have a shower before the fun begins- this is nonnegotiable. I will also ask you to shower again if I think your wash wasn’t thorough enough. If you excessively: smell, excrete bodily fluid, have cuts and/or abrasions, or don’t pass my health test I have the right to end the session with no refund given.

Abuse and Boundary Pushing: If I find you to be rude, disrespectful and/or abusive towards myself, my work space, my animals or if you keep trying to push my boundaries the session will immediately end with no refund given.

Natural Services: I do not offer natural sex or services under any circumstances.

Cancelations and Rescheduling:

–          If you reschedule your booking to within 3 days of the initial booking date, the reschedule is free, but you can only reschedule for free once.

–          If you reschedule your booking within 14 days of the initial booking date then a 10% (of your booking total) fee applies

–          Reschedules longer than 14 days of the initial date is counted as a cancelation

–          Cancelling with 14 or more days’ notice: 10% of booking total cancelation fee

–          Cancelling with 7 days’ notice: 15% of booking total cancelation fee

–          Cancelling with 48 hours’ notice: 20% of booking total cancelation fee

–          Cancelling with 24 hours or less notice: 50% of booking total cancelation fee

Reschedules and Cancelation fees can be made via the cancelation page. You will not be permitted to get another booking until your fees have been paid.

Filming, Content, Merchandise: If you purchase filming extras, custom videos, content, merchandise such as Polaroids,  you agree to never distribute these on any social platform, hard copy, electronically or by any means to any other parties for any reason. The content must stay between you and I at all times. You agree that if you distribute my content without exclusive permission it falls under the revenge porn act and I reserve my right to seek legal assistance and take legal action if it is found to be distributed.


At the beginning of each BDSM session, whether it be domination or submission, there is a boundaries, limits and liability document to go through and sign. Please note that this document may be produced in legal proceedings as evidence in the circumstance of legal action taken by either party.

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