Let’s get some things clear;
- First up there is ZERO room for your sexual gratification here, meaning there is ZERO SEXUAL SERVICES involved in my BDSM bookings.
- Secondly you are here for MY amusement and my amusement only, and to be used however I see fit.
- Thirdly; the two unwavering things you possess is your consent and your boundaries. This also means that just because this may be a paid session you are not entitled to anything, nor do you dictate how a session is run.

Respect, devotion, gratitude and a healthy outlook on servitude are what I seek in a submissive. I’m here to get you to your highest level, wherever that may be. If you want to be better, always strive and to also work with not only myself, but yourself too then I’m your Domme. You will safely and healthily be pushed to your maximum potential in all aspects of yourself- whether it’s a once off visit or a long term serve.

● Impact play
● Foot worship
● Corporal punishment
● Sounding
● Feminization
● Public Domme
● Financial Domination
● Medical Play;
● Needle Play
● Catheter
● Speculum
● Slave training
● Sissification
● Humiliation / Degradation
● Black Mail
● Sensory Play
● Pet Play
● Anal play & pegging
● Wax Play
● Electro Play
● Breath Play

● Golden Shower

Minimum Tribute; $300 per hour
Price determined by session

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