An addictive combination of modern meets classic

I’m Violet, but call me Vi.

Without sounding like a cheesy tinder profile or a college thesis paper; let’s be real, like my sass. Don’t get fooled by my blue eyes; I’m a no bullshit woman, with a warm heart, razor sharp wit, and even better banter. I’ll pull you in to line, have you huddled over in laughter and shaking in pleasure. If my slender body with killer curves doesn’t get you hooked I guarantee my killer attitude will. I’m ass and class- well spoken and knowledgeable; but also very worldly with an interest in subculture, fashion, and the arts, giving me a combination of class and street, classic meets modern. Dress and high heels or jacket and sneakers; I can be your cup of soup! Vi xx

Desire a worldly, articulate women as a date for a night on the town, to an event or just want some company? I can be your warm companion, whatever the occasion may be.
  • Strictly Social: $100 p/hour
  • Social + Affections: $200 p/hour
Enjoy an affectionate and intimate dinner together before heading back to either mine or yours for dessert.
  • 2 Hour dinner + 2 Hour GFE Dessert: $1100
  • 2 Hour dinner + 2 Hour PSE Dessert: $1500
  • 2 Hour Dinner + 2 Hour Kink PSE Dessert: $1700
A night full of companionship, intimacy and pleasure; let’s really get to know each other with twelve hours to explore every inch of one another. Let’s start with some dessert before enjoying an intimate dinner together and then unwinding into a night of pleasure.
  • Minimum 4 hours sleep
  • Price: $3,500
Think you can keep up with me? Let’s put it to the test then! Let’s start with a little fun before having a few drinks to loosen up for my entertaining show and twelve hours of satisfaction. In true porn style we can even make a few of our own videos for you to remember our time together.
  • Minimum 4 hours sleep
  • Price; $4,000
  Domination Overnight (12-16 Hours) Have the privilege of being my slave for the night. Twelve hours of serving your mistress and obeying every order you are given. Spend the night at my feet, and being my pathetic muse. Amuse and please me and perhaps you may even be lucky enough to spend the night in the cage at the foot of my bed.
  • Price: $2,500
Let me please and entertain you. I’ll be your perfect little sub, there to worship and obey you. Have a scene you want to fulfill? I can be your sadistic fantasy. Humiliate, punish and use me as you please for twelve hours.
  • Minimum 5 hours sleep
  • Price: $5,000
Perfect for people with fetishes such as ABDL, who want to spend more time experiencing themselves.
  • Price TBA
Don’t want to sleep alone? Well I love to snuggle! Tell me about your day and let’s have some fun before winding down for cuddles and slumber. Price:
  • GFE: $1000
  • PSE: $1300

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