I’m Lady Violet;
Seductive, articulate, effervescent with great banter and a warmth to make you feel right at home; Don’t get fooled by my blue eyes though- I’m definitely a no bullshit woman, and sadomasochistic at heart.
My humor, unique personality, accompanied with my thriving mind will captivate and tantalise you. I am well spoken, knowledgeable and have a high level of service and procedures; but also very worldly with an interest in subculture, fashion, and the arts, rendering me the perfect combination of class and street, classic meets modern.
I am incredibly welcoming and offer a safe place free of judgement for you to come and explore yourself. Everyone’s kinks, fetishes and fantasies are completely different and deserve to experience in their own way. I am versatile and well adept, I am sure I will be able to accommodate to your wants and needs, whatever they may be.



Yes Mistress!


Let me Serve You
Fav 3


Your Safe Zone

I have devoted my life to BDSM and kink so don’t let my age fool you; I follow classic BDSM principles, as dominant and submissive. I understand that everyone has different experience levels in kink and life; I understand that not everyone can and will experience things in the same way. Everyone has different boundaries, limits, kinks and most importantly- different psyches. I’ll be as hands on and as strict as you want to be; Whether you want the occasional appointment or a weekly session I will push you to your maximum potential.
I am in training so I will not do anything I have not been trained to do, alternatively I do offer discounted rates for you to be used in training sessions.
Have any questions? How about a chat?
Lady Vi x

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